dimanche 5 octobre 2014

How to Play Guitar

Suppress the strings with a neck with the opposite hand of the dominant hand, and play the strings in the hands of the dominant hand is usually, but not necessarily the necessarily quite exact. How to hold the reverse is natural to the person in question the normal or the possession right-handed for (unfavorable greatly such as the number of products and price) you can not provide a guitar left-handed, even left-handed, regardless of the dominant hand there may be a case that there.

The underlying attitude against the back of the neck the thumb so as to evade the lower side of the neck, it is of pressing the strings with four fingers to little finger from the index finger hand to press the strings, (classic style). Also, like style gripped the neck and put a (fingerboard) side table thumb may also be used, such as blues mainly. There is also a technique called suppressed (located on the uppermost part of the normal, it is responsible for the lowest note) sixth string with your thumb further. Technique to say Valley / Serra. Code Fm (F-minor). Keep plurality of strings with the index finger.

When play a chord, to suppress one string per finger of the left hand is basically, in this case, of the six strings, it is only possible to suppress the four. May sound not pressed inevitably of "open strings" is contaminated with it is relatively unique sound. That low position or open code, and position of the left hand. Such as when you are playing a code that can not be represented in the low position, and use it to lay the index finger of the left hand, 1 - on you accidentally pressing at a time six-string, to adjust the sound with three fingers remaining. Will be referred to as the Valley or Serra, the technique of the index finger, say, such as Valley code and high code the position of the left hand made ​​by this. Because there is a feature limited, such as, applied to playing for Serra to fatigue, the sound quality is different from the open string, finger the first place is difficult technically, become free is reduced one, avoided to some extent in the accessories that capo can be.

Since it is mute arpeggio not to mention, in playing a stroke, or is, not to catch specific string are possible, the foregoing description is only general theory. For strings have trouble sound rings and, by keeping lightly around any part of the left hand, it is possible to suppress almost pronunciation. Mute of this technique (also muted to do with the right hand, but the purpose is separate often). Even when not mute aimed particularly, may also prevent the improper string is played by accident, it should be muted as a preventive. Also Serra, situations that require precise Serra at the same time 6-string is not at all, and that to keep the strings two with one finger, three also for the other fingers also, the softness of the joint and the size of the hand Although it depends on, but it is possible if you familiar with the guitar.

There is such solo performance using a pick arpeggio played by the code by sharing stroke playing strumming stretch the strings of all the index finger or pick, with the fingers of a few lines, in such as electric guitar towards the right hand. In classical guitar, solo play at the same time the melody and accompaniment is also often seen in particular. To have been referring to the link below for more information.

Attitude in playing put on the springboard left foot to sit in a chair, placed on the thigh of the left leg, and the whole body guitar (those of design without depression also exist now) depression in the side of the body by increasing the position of the legs I want to play in a position such as faced with. (At that time, there are a case that cross one's legs in the upper right leg, or may not) example of the play by carrying the depression of the guitar sides thigh of the right leg without the springboard also seen now. The classical guitar except that it lowered from the shoulder strap, to play standing often